Siena Market (SM) is the result of the experience of a business team passionate about technology, who aims at offering a convenient and safe platform to specialized sellers and buyers worldwide.

Most of our cities have enough shopping malls that provide access to a wide range of items and the same it is true for many online shops. Instead, SM is trying to create a global market place of well made, original, and localized products.

Our channel facilitates the shopping experience of refined and original artisanal products carefully selected according to high quality and safety standards.

With just one click shoppers can find a wide selection of premium handcrafted products made by artisans from all over the world that they would not so easily find otherwise.

What differentiates even more SM from other online marketplaces is the innovative payment system option, instant and safe method of payment that facilitates online transactions.

Currently Siena Market works only with Tezos.