What is Siena Food Market

It is an official company registered in South Korea that manages the online sales of Italian food items targeting the BitCoin world.

Why the BitCoin world?

Because it is the most convenient payment method available in the world right now.

Which crypto currency can I use to pay?

  • You can use Money Button (BitcoinSV) – learn more here
  • Coinbase Commerce (btc, eth, dai, usdc, bch) – learn more here

How can I get a Money Button account?

It is free and it is very easy just go to www.moneybutton.com

How can I get BitCoin on my Money Button account?

There are several ways:

  • Buy BitCoin (BSV) in an exchange such as (FloatSV, Coinex, Bittrex)
  • Buy BitCoin (BSV) with your credit cards in site such as buybsv.com
  • Earn BitCoin (BSV) in sites as PowPing, Bit.sv
  • Buy prepaid BitCoin recharge for your Money Button on SFM (not yet available)

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