Baraldo White Asparagus 550g


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Located in the region of Veneto, Baraldo is a homegrown production company that produces high-quality traditional asparagus cultivated in the town of Pernumia.

This white asparagus is produced following the HACCP approach, which regulates the anti-parasitic treatments and the healthiness of the production areas so that the products are totally safe and absolutely chemical free. As soon as it is harvested, asparagus is immediately refrigerated and, once at the company base, it is washed with 0°C temperature water, so that its qualitative characteristics are kept unchanged and it can be more easily preserved. Once the shoots are washed, they are processed mechanically to allow a perfect cleanliness and precise cutting to prevent oxidation.

Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this peeled asparagus of a unique taste and texture can simply be enjoyed individually as an appetizer or can be served with various dishes such as salad and meat.

Asparagus Pernumia is Global GAP certified for its excellent safe and sustainable agricultural practices.


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