Casino di Caprafico Farro (Spelt Grain) Linguine 500g


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Located on the fertile land of the Italian region Abruzzo, Casino di Caprafico produces premium quality cereals, legumes and olives, following the traditional farming methods of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Farro Linguine consists of 100% wholemeal spelt, particularly known for its healthy properties, rich in fiber, proteins and vitamins. Spelt is stone milled and dried at low temperature, making it easier to be tolerated by people with mild gluten allergies.

For a first taste, it is recommended to use a simple dressing, with merely extra virgin olive oil and grated Parmesan cheese or it also can be enjoyed with a savory Genovese pesto.

The cooking time is about 4 minutes. It is recommended cooking the pasta in plenty of water and draining it even before the cooking is “al dente”.


Weight .75 kg


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