Stoica Organic 500ml


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Located on the hills of Piccione in the Umbria region, Stoica is an organic farm that produces premium extra virgin olive oil with outstanding organoleptic properties.

This organic oil is obtained from Moraiolo olives, one of the finest Umbrian cultivars. The shape of the fruits is typically round and during the ripening gets a green, fuchsia and purple hue.

The Oil is characterized by a medium intensity grass fruity aroma, reminiscent of artichoke and unripe almond. The flavor opens with sweet notes instantly followed by a persistent medium intensity bitter and pungent sensation.

 This elegant and tasteful oil, rich in polyphenols and characterized by intense aromas and scents pairs remarkably well with: bruschetta, cooked or fresh vegetables, grilled and roasted meat, wild herbs and spinaches. It is also perfect with beef and meat tartare.

Harvesting period fine ottobre – inizio novembre / late october – early november
Field altitude 500 mt.
Free acidity 0,24 %
Total polyphenols 495 mg/kg
Number of peroxides 8,2 meq/kg
Colour verde / green
Milling temperature 23°c
Milling entro 8 ore dalla raccolta con tecnologia DMF + ultrasuoni / within 8 hours from the harvest with Pieralisi DMF technology + ultrasounds
Bottling sotto azoto a temperatura controllata / under nitrogen at a controlled temperature
Bottle vetro scuro / dark glass
Cap in alluminio / inviolabile con salvagoccia – anti-counterfeiting cap



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