Stoica Organic Leccino 500ml


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Located on the hills of Piccione in the Umbria region, Stoica is an organic farm that produces premium extra virgin olive oil with outstanding organoleptic properties.

This organic oil is obtained from Leccino olives, one of the most common varieties in Umbria, characterized by a vigorous foliage and intense green leaf colour. The fruit is generally big-sized and oblong-shaped.

Leccino oil is characterized by low intensity fruity, reminiscent of ripe almond, artichoke leaf and endive. Opens with a marked herbaceous bitter, followed by a medium pungent sensation. Leccino differs from other products for its delicacy and versatility.

It goes perfectly with fish, red and white meat, game and green salads. It’s strongly recommended with “panzanella”, a traditional dish from Central Italy.

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