Viola Tradizionale EVO 500ml


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Viola is an artisanal family-grown farm that produces authentic high-quality extra virgin olive oil in the region of Umbria, relying on traditional farming techniques.

This oil is obtained from 5,000 autochthonous olive trees in the Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino varieties, grown on rocky soil. The unique character and qualities of this oil are the expression of its land.

Viola Tradizione is a light and limpid oil with scent of artichoke and herbs. The taste is delicate with notes of mint and a spicy hint of black pepper.

This light and scented oil can be used in many recipes: for sautéed creamy pasta and rice, fish-based dishes, soups and grilled vegetables. It is also ideal for pinzimonio and artichoke salad with parmesan slivers.

In addition, Viola has been awarded many national and international prizes for the authenticity and the quality of its extra virgin olive oil.

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